Andrew Bracewell: Full-time Trader

16 APR 2019  |  Careers
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology
Andrew Bracewell

What course did you do with Amplify?
I completed the professional trading course in March 2019.

What made you choose Amplify?
I had seen them featured in the documentary on BBC Television, kept a copy of the recording and watched it a number of times. From that, I always knew when I was going to learn to be a full time trader I would choose Amplify. I also spoke with someone who had completed the same course and they had nothing but positive comments about Amplify and their experience.

What was your prior experience before completing the course?
I had traded only FX using a Spread Betting account and was self taught from reading books and research on the internet.

How did you find the transition moving from the simulator to trading live funds during the course?
Quite easy actually and I was really looking forward to it. I felt that the first two stages of the course had prepared me really well in every aspect of trading, so I was ready for the live markets.

Are you still trading at the moment?
Yes, full time from home and I enjoy it every day. I am living my dream thanks to Amplify.

Are you still in contact with the Amplify team?
Yes, every weekday via the - now AmplifyLIVE- platform, for the invaluable morning briefing market analysis from Anthony Cheung and the excellent technical chart analysis from Sam North. Throughout the day via the Trading chat room, there is continued advice and support from other members of the Amplify Team who taught the various course modules, along with fellow traders who previously trained with Amplify.

Do you feel the course was a good investment in the development of your trading?
100%. I learnt so much and I know I am a much better trader than when I started. I continue to learn and improve every day building on what I was taught. I would not hesitate to recommend Amplify to anyone looking to learn from scratch or develop their existing trading skills.

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