Fez Molla: Full-time Trader (UK)

17 OCT 2017  |  Trading
Fez Molla

What programme did you do with Amplify Trading?

Amplify Trading's professional trading course April 2016.

Why did you choose Amplify Trading?

I had two options – The first was studying an MSc in Finance and Investments at Rotterdam University or, option 2, finding a bona fide proprietary trading firm. In the end there was absolutely zero chance of me going back to University as the opportunity cost was personally too high.

Having resorted to Google in order to explore option 2, I came across a BBC documentary ‘Millions by the Minute’ which Will and Piers from Amplify Trading were involved in. I was impressed on how and why Piers took a live short EUR/USD trade but, I was more impressed that Will recounted a tale about being hauled in by his then risk manager for trading like an idiot after a period of stellar performance – this was an incredibly personal admission and it really proved to me that these guys were real and that’s all the validation I needed.

What are you trading now?

I trade futures on an intraday basis. My bread and butter is ES, NQ and 6E. I will however trade gold and other safe haven instruments if my risk radar picks up pending volatility. I purposefully limit the number of products I trade and never trade instruments I don’t understand like Bitcoin, WTI and Nat Gas – I’m sure some folks out there make a killing on these but they ain’t for me.

How did you find the transition from completing the course to trading full-time?

Amplify Trading gives you an incredibly solid foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of trading so the transition personally wasn’t too arduous because I followed the processes that I had learned at Amplify Trading. That said, the onus is down to you to be risk manager, analyst and trader – it’s sink or swim time. The hardest thing for me was, and still is, not having a risk manager so, I devised ways to limit myself getting into trouble such as only trading at certain times, having a daily loss or profit limit and having a guitar next to my desk to stop any trigger finger!

The transition for me was also facilitated by subscribing to ‘Trading-Live’ -Now AmplifyLIVE. It’s useful to have a daily morning brief and I find the analysis from Anthony et al vitally important prior to tier-1 data.

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about taking up trading?

The market is NOT an ATM! If you really want to be a trader, do it, back yourself and take a calculated risk by undertaking relevant training with people who have and are trading for a living e.g. Amplify Trading. Your downside is 1-3 months without a salary and course fees but your upside is unlimited. If you have identified potential providers – go and see them; find out if they have actually traded in a professional capacity and if they haven’t, walk away. Know yourself because the market sniffs out the weak.
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology

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