Wei Sam Soo: One Day Course Attendee

24 JUL 2018  |  Trading
Wei Sam Soo

When did you attend your course with Amplify Trading?

I attended the free One Day Course on Friday 5th May 2017.

What was your main motivation for attending the free course?

I am very interested in learning about trading and courses in trading and finance to equip myself with financial knowledge in order to apply for jobs in financial sector given that I do not come from a business subject background.

What did you think about the structure of the day and the team who delivered the session?

I think it was structured very well and it covered different aspects from how does current affairs affect the markets to the understanding of trading psychology. The speakers were very engaging and used current examples and case studies, which the audiences were able to relate. It is extremely useful for a beginner like me to have a general idea of what to learn and what to expect if I am to learn to become a trader.

Was there one specific part of the course you found most beneficial?

It was a very well-rounded programme. Every sessions has provided valuable information.

How did the day compare to other free trading events that you have attended?

I like the fact that this trading programme was not just based on a specific-type of trading (Eg. Forex). It did not just cover the technical side but also the psychological aspect of a trader, which I have not encountered from other trading events. Moreover, the courses that are available at Amplify Trading are suitable for a wide variety of audiences, from students to professional traders. The other trading events that I have attended were mostly targeted on amateur traders. I as a student find this programme more appealing.

Will you be attending any other Amplify Trading programmes in the future?

Yes, I will be attending the Internship programme this August.

You can view Wei Sam Soo’s LinkedIn profile HERE.
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology

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