Basel Saadia

PWC | Incoming Consulting Intern

What is your current situation?

I'm currently pursuing an MSc in Economics, Banking & Finance at Nottingham Trent University, set to graduate with Distinction in September 2023. Recently completing the Amplify Trading Summer Analyst Programme, I gained hands-on experience in M&A transactions and market research.

Up next, I'll be starting an internship at PwC Dubai (consulting) in January 2024, aligning my academic excellence with practical insights into the finance industry.

What was your motivation to do the AmplifyME Summer Analyst Training Programme?

My motivation to join the AmplifyME Summer Analyst Training Programme was driven by a genuine passion for gaining practical insights into the financial industry. Recognizing the program's reputation for delivering immersive training to top-tier institutions, I saw it as a unique opportunity to enhance my skill set, particularly in areas such as M&A transactions, financial modeling, and market analysis.

I aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge gained in my academic pursuits and real-world application, positioning myself for a successful career in finance. The program's hands-on approach and industry exposure were key factors aligning with my career aspirations.

Which part of the programme was the most beneficial for you?

The Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) component proved to be the most beneficial aspect of the AmplifyME Summer Analyst Training Programme for me.

Engaging in M&A transactions provided a hands-on opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, enhancing my skills in deal sourcing, financial modeling, and valuation analysis. This experience not only deepened my understanding of the intricacies of M&A but also equipped me with practical insights into the decision-making processes within the finance industry.

The exposure to real-world scenarios in M&A has been invaluable, shaping my perspective and readiness for similar challenges in my future career.

Has the programme helped with your applications?

Undoubtedly, the AmplifyME Summer Analyst Training Programme has significantly enhanced the impact of my applications. The practical skills gained, particularly in M&A transactions, have become a distinguishing factor in my professional profile. The experience, coupled with the program's reputable name, has not only bolstered the depth of my resume but has also served as a conversation starter in interviews.

The hands-on training and exposure provided by AmplifyME have contributed to a more compelling narrative in my applications, aligning my profile more closely with the dynamic demands of the finance industry.

What advice would you give to fellow students on applying to roles in finance?

In essence, AmplifyME acts as a valuable stepping stone in your journey towards a finance career. However, it's essential to recognize that achieving genuine success requires a more extended and committed approach.

Consider the AmplifyME experience as a launchpad, propelling you into the finance sector. Nevertheless, enduring success necessitates ongoing dedication, continuous learning, and a proactive approach over the long term.