Ali-Asghar Raza-Syed

Technology Specialist

About Ali-Asghar

Ali-Asghar is a skilled and dedicated Technology Specialist with a strong background in software development and project management. Having joined as a Tech Intern after earning a Distinction in the Amplify Summer Training Programme alongside his studies, he has advanced in his role contributing towards code development, managing various software projects, overseeing the manual QA testing process, analysis of business requirements, and providing technical support to the wider company including the creation of new financial simulations.

When he's not working, you'll find him enjoying playing music, such as DJing or the alto saxophone, and anything related to cars. He also has a passion for martial arts and has achieved medals in regional Taekwondo tournaments in his younger age, reflecting his dedication to discipline and hard work. Ali-Asghar is dedicated to continued learning and development in his area and plans to finish his BSc in Computer Science at City, University of London by 2023. By staying current with emerging technologies and trends, he will be able to continue offering the most effective options for the company.