Piers Curran

Co-Founder, CFO & COO

About Piers

After completing Mechanical Engineering at Imperial, Piers joined HSBC as a graduate in their Asset Management division and sat on the global macro research desk. He left HSBC to fulfil his passion of becoming a trader and spent the next 6 years trading for the US firm Goldenberg Hehmeyer in their London office. Piers then left GH and Co-Founded Amplify Trading - now known as AmplifyME in 2009 with William de Lucy.

Having originally set out to purely focus on launching a trading firm, Amplify went on to diversify into developing simulation software for training and recruitment in finance, which comes under the brand of AmplifyME. AmplifyME is today our overarching company mission - to deliver practical on-the-job experiences for students interested in a job in finance, to help young people find the right career path for them and to level the playing field and democratise recruitment in finance. When not running AmplifyME, Piers enjoys sport, travelling and cooking.