Richard Mungla

Fullstack Developer

About Richard

Richard Mungla is a highly skilled Senior Software Engineer and Backend Tech Lead with a passion for creating efficient and innovative solutions. With a solid background in Java, Spring Boot, microservices, and various other technologies, Richard has played instrumental roles in implementing new features, migrating systems, and introducing a testing culture. Richard obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Computer Science from Strathmore University, where he also earned a Diploma in Business and Information Technology.

A natural mentor and team player, he has experience guiding junior developers and interns.Outside of his professional work, Richard is an avid traveler who loves exploring new cultures and landscapes. In his downtime, he enjoys playing FIFA, a passion that brings both fun and friendly competition to his life. His experiences living and working in different countries have given him a unique perspective on problem-solving and adaptability, which he brings to his work in the tech industry.