9th december 2021 / Anthony cheung

2021 Market Review

Given the amazing success of Spotify wrapped we thought we would construct the same for you!

So here it is, your top 10 market events of 2021:

1) Gamestop rallied 1600% in a meme stock frenzy

2) China Evergrande briefly brought back memories of Lehman's

3) Elon Musk became the richest man in the world

4) A global energy crisis sees inflation rise to a multi-decade high

5) Facebook changed its name to Meta

6) Archegos Capital Management blows up on a margin call

7) A very large ship got stuck in a very small canal!

8) The Turkish Lira went into freefall

9) The US taps the SPR for the first time in a decade to cool rising oil prices

10) Market volatility peaked as the Omicron variant spread

A View From Above

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