Alex Benfield: HSBC Global Banking and Markets summer analyst

29 NOVEMBER 2018 |  Trading

Alex Benfield: City Prep 2018

What are you doing now?

Incoming Analyst for HSBC Global Banking and Markets 2019

What course did you do with Amplify?

I did the City Prep course in April 2018

Why did you choose Amplify?

In my first year, I knew I wanted to explore a potential career in Finance and I was drawn to the Market side of the financial industry. I was active in my university’s Finance society last year, which is where I came across Amplify. From the presentations you gave at my university, I felt that what you taught would be incredibly valuable for someone like myself and I was certain that the City Prep course would be a great insight into what a career in the markets might entail and a great investment for my future.

What was your knowledge of financial markets prior to coming on the course?

Applying to your course as a first year from a non-Finance background, I knew only a little. I would read up on the financial markets in my spare time and participate in any events that were on offer through my society, but I never got the insight into the more practical aspects, as in the trading simulations and interactive sessions, that your course provided.

How has your experience with Amplify helped in your career development?

I felt Amplify was a tremendous help in my career development. I had secured a Spring Week at HSBC Global Banking & Markets prior to coming onto your course and, through City Prep, I was given the confidence and knowledge that enabled me to leave a good impression and demonstrate my interest in the Markets on the Spring Week. I was then fortunate enough to secure the Summer Internship in Sales & Trading off the back of my time at HSBC, which I am thoroughly looking forward to.

What was the most beneficial part of the City Prep course?

Honestly, the most beneficial part of the City Prep course was the opportunity to be around the people of Amplify, who are actively involved in the Markets through their proprietary trading. They have experience in both Sell side and Buy side roles in the Markets, so they truly understand how the markets work and they can speak from experience when teaching us about what a career in Markets would be like. They showed us everything from Buy side portfolio management to facilitating client order flow in Sales & Trading, and I was thereafter more confident in the area I want to go into. I feel it’s important you are familiar with all the opportunities that are available to you before you decide to go for a particular area.

You can view Bin’s LinkedIn profile HERE.

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