AmplifyME and University of Stirling:
Ten Years of Finance Education
Transformation through
Practical Simulation-Based Learning

5 September 2023  |  Rachel Aspinall
Back in 2014, AmplifyME forged a groundbreaking partnership with the University of Stirling (one of the first universities to recognise the importance of adapting and enhancing its theory-based programmes of study) with the aim to integrate our role-specific, simulation-based bootcamps into their postgraduate, and later, undergraduate finance programmes using the same technology as that of the world’s leading banks, asset managers and hedge funds.

How has this decade-long partnership impacted Stirling and its students?

Through bringing specific roles in the industry to life by replicating real-world market conditions and trends, students have gained an unrivalled understanding of the right career path for them, allowing them to embark on competitive application processes with their eyes wide open.

The impact:
  • Graduate opportunities unlocked for students who performed well in certain areas thanks to AmplifyME's industry partnerships including Gregorio Rossi who - in his final year - was selected for an assessment centre run by the inter-dealer broker TP ICAP where he now works as a Bond Broker.
  • Students consistently rate the bootcamps above 95% for learning and satisfaction outcomes. 
  • The university of Stirling and its accounting and finance division won multiple awards for the initiative, including being recognised by the CFA Institute as an outstanding innovator in finance teaching and education, awarding it the Innovative Delivery of Education Award (IDEA) in 2015 in partnership with AmplifyME.
  • Demonstrable impact on students' career clarity through gaining an unrivalled understanding of the different career paths enabling them to embark on competitive application processes with their eyes wide open.

So, in short, our partnership has paid dividends. And in more ways than one.

In addition to learning outcomes, it’s also had a profound effect on graduates’ employability.

Graduates who’ve engaged with our simulations have a distinct advantage over those who haven’t; they enter the workforce armed with a deep understanding of financial dynamics and the ability to navigate challenges. Effectively they can hit the ground running, an attribute upon which  employers now place a high value on. What's more, our bootcamps are professionally assessed, providing detailed individual performance data to identify top performers.

Through this process we can fast-track our most promising students onto further sponsored training with us before referring them to our global industry partners who’re regularly recruiting diverse talent onto their graduate training programmes.

This is exactly what happened for former AmplifyME and Stirling undergraduate, Gregorio Rossi. Gregorio attended one of our bootcamps in his final year and as a consequence was selected for an assessment centre run by the inter-dealer broker TP ICAP where he now has a full time job in their Credit and Equities division.

Gregorio is full of praise for the programme: “The opportunities I was offered to improve my skills and employability, including both the University of Stirling mentor programme and AmplifyME’s practical bootcamp, really positions Stirling as peerless,”  he said.

Dr Kevin Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Finance at the University of Stirling explained:

“The aim of integrating our financial trading bootcamps was to improve the employability of our students by exposing them to the practical aspects of financial markets that cannot easily be learned from a textbook. Through integrating AmplifyME’s bootcamps into our undergraduate and postgraduate finance and accountancy programmes, we saw higher levels of motivation and engagement, and increased employability.

Over the years Amplify has consistently innovated their bootcamp offerings, with our students this year taking part in new simulations about the IPO book building process and the construction of ESG-compliant portfolios.”

So what of the concept of simulation-based learning and its adoption within higher education?

What was once considered a novel approach to learning has become an essential component of modern finance education and an integral part of curriculum design.

During our ten year partnership with Stirling, technology has further revolutionised the way finance is conducted, leading to an increased demand for graduates who are well-versed in digital finance tools. The integration of our practical simulation-based learning has more than kept pace with these industry expectations, ensuring students are not only knowledgeable about traditional finance principles but are also adept at leveraging technology to analyse data, assess risks, and make informed decisions.

Our groundbreaking work in this field has led us to partner with universities all over the world, elevating their programmes and attracting a wider demographic to the finance industry.

And as demand for our services continues to grow, so does our ability to equip graduates with the skills needed to navigate the digital transformation of the finance industry. We’ve found new ways to innovate, develop and expand our simulation technology offering which now covers the full spectrum of roles across markets, banking and technology with increasingly sophisticated and realistic scenarios that mirror the complexities of today's financial world.

The finance industry will always be evolving and our initial collaboration with The University of Stirling stands as a testament to the power of innovation and partnership in preparing students for success in the dynamic and ever-changing world of finance.

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Amir Khadr - Head of Technology

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