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30 APR 2021  |  Careers
Panagiotis Dontis Charitos

Associate Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe

In 2018 ESCP Business school asked Amplify to provide a practical simulation programme to compliment their new specialisation in Banking and Finance. In the below interview Panagiotis Dontis Charitos discusses the impact on the student and curricular.

Amir Khadr - Head of Technology
What is new the specialist programme at ESCP?
"The Master in Management, one of the flagship programmes of ESCP Europe (ranked 5th worldwide by the Financial Times in 2018) is a two-year, full-time general management Master programme with specialisations, that provides the opportunity to study in up to four countries, with options ranging from ESCP Europe's own six European campuses to our more than 100 partners worldwide. The new Banking and Finance Specialisation is hosted at the London campus and provides an academically rigorous and vocationally relevant addition to the Master in Management programme’s curriculum, in the disciplines of Banking and Finance. The Specialisation aims to offer a learning experience at the forefront of academic and industry practice."

Why did you choose to bring Amplify into the curricular?

"At ESCP Europe Business School we significantly value the benefits of industry-led teaching and learning, and we are always keen to seek partnerships with providers that can deliver state-of-the-art practical learning that complements our academic content and approach. In seeking such provider for the Banking and Finance Specialisation, Amplify quickly came up as the most relevant and technologically superior provider."

What was the experience of the students?

"Students highly appreciated and valued the practical element of the simulations and the real-world feel these have provided. They were also very excited that the sessions helped them better appreciate some of the theoretical concepts taught in class. Overall, they placed the simulations with Amplify among their top experiences during their Specialisation and studies."

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