14th december 2021 / Anthony cheung

Jayne Howson on authenticity, courage and connections

In this podcast episode, I talk to Jayne Howson, who is a Senior Vice President at Salesforce in their Global Sales Leader Excellence & Enablement team.

Having had limited interest in education growing up, Jayne started waiting on tables from the age of 9 and then went to secure her place at college by electing to work part-time at Barclays, arranging company-wide team building events from the age of 16. Fast forward to today, and she now leads a global team at Salesforce, the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history.

In this conversation, Jayne talks about why curiosity is the ultimate key to success and the importance of values. We cover tips on presenting, how to find your confidence, and overcoming life challenges.

A great listen for any student about to embark on their career and as Jayne says, it's time to "step out of your comfort zone and be courageous!".

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