09th November 2022 / Anthony Cheung

CAREER INSIGHT: 'Money Is Everything, Money Is Nothing' with Bilal Hafeez

In this career insight episode, I am joined by Bilal Hafeez who is the CEO, Head of Research and Editor of Macro Hive. He spent over twenty years doing research at big banks – JP Morgan,Deutsche Bank and Nomura, where he had various “Global Head” roles and did FX, rates and cross-markets research.

To mark his 25th year in the industry, Bilal has written an article on the 25 lessons learned from 25 years in finance, covering invaluable lessons on finance, business and life.

In this conversation, we touch on the following 5 lessons:

  1. Money is everything, money is nothing
  2. Failure is the best way to level up
  3. Start with what you fear
  4. Be effective, not efficient
  5. Learn every day or quit.

It's rare that you get to have private conversation with such an experienced professional and Bilal's open and honest approach is not only refreshing but incredibly insightful.
The conversation will hopefully add great value to those about to start their career, all the way up to people who hold leadership positions in a large organisation or a start up. 

Bilal has done them all and shares his best advice!

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