2nd march 2022 / Anthony cheung


In this episode, I speak to Bilal Hafeez who is the founder and CEO of Macro Hive. Before starting his own research firm in 2019, Bilal was the Global Head of International Fixed Income Strategy at Nomura, and Head of Multi-Asset Research and Advisor to the CEO at Deutsche Bank.

Although Bilal has had phenomenal success in his career to date there have been many experiences and challenges that have shaped that journey. Coming from a working-class background in Oxford and not having any friends or family working in the professional world, it was not always clear on which direction to go in.

During his time at university, he was rejected in all his accounting and consultancy applications but was successful in banking where he landed his first role at J.P. Morgan. However, after a short stint in the investment banking division he then rotated into global markets - the rest is history!

In this conversation, Bilal explains the difference between working on both sides of the bank and gives an (often hard to find!) insight into his role in research. He explains why his mentor was so influential on his career, how his role changed as he became more senior, and gives invaluable advice on how to consume information and develop your personal skills by maintaining a constant curiosity about all that you do.

Bilal talks openly and honestly about life inside a bank but also the challenges it brings to your personal life.

This is a must listen to episode for any student considering a role in banking.

Anthony Cheung
Director & Head of Market Analysis
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