Elliot Marshall: RBC & Jefferies intern

24 JUL 2018  |  Trading
Elliot Marshall

What course did you do with Amplify Trading?

I was on the One Week City Prep Course in 2016.

Why did you choose Amplify Trading?

I actually won the Coventry University Foundation Trading Competition. The prize was a week long programme with Amplify Trading so I chose to attend the City Prep programme as it fit well with my ambitions to learn more about the day to day roles of a trader and see if the career was for me.

What was the most beneficial part of the internship programme?

I think the biggest thing I came away with was a different mindset on markets and the ability to talk markets. The programme gave me the confidence to come up with new trading ideas, based on technical and fundamental reasoning, and be able to convey them in a professional, informed way. This proved invaluable in later interviews and assessment centres. I also learnt which roles appealed to me most in the industry.

What are you doing now?

This summer I am interning at Jefferies in London on the Equities programme. The year before I interned at Royal Bank of Canada on the Global Markets programme.

How did the Amplify Trading experience help with your applications?

Just having the name Amplify Trading on my CV means something in an interview, being able to explain how we simulated Sales Trading and show my P/L over the simulation is a real talking point. Amplify Trading also helped with my CV and got it up to industry standard as well as breaking down a lot of the jargon associated with finance.

Would you recommend Amplify Trading to a friend?

Absolutely! I have already encouraged 3 of the Cardiff University Finance and Trading Society to join Amplify Trading and they have all reported back on how useful the experience has been and how much the programme has helped with applications.

You can review Elliot’s LinkedIn profile HERE.
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology

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