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Multi-Asset Strategist at Blackrock

14 JAN 2020  |  Careers
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology
Evrim Isik, Studying Statistics, Economics & Finance at UCL

Why did you choose to do Amplify's Summer Internship Training Programme?
I decided to do the course, because I knew I wanted a career in markets, however, I wasn't sure what suited me best. Amplify Trading allowed me to explore my options and decide what was best for me. After watching the Morning Briefings on YouTube, I saw the level of knowledge that I'd gain from the course and that's what convinced me to sign up.

What is the biggest highlight of the course for you?
The live trading on the CQG platform and learning a structure for how to combine fundamental and technical analysis with risk management when trading.

What did you learn on the course and how did it help you land your role at BlackRock?
Understanding what each asset class consists of and understanding what drives them, from monetary policy to risk sentiments brought by global developments. This allowed me to keep up to date with markets, with the help of the morning briefings, which in turn, was a huge advantage for me in interviews as I could then answer the technical questions.

How has the course met or exceeded your expectations?
It definitely exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to understand global macro and its influence on markets to this level of detail- learning about algorithmic trading was also a very enjoyable surprise and definitely benefited me to land my role at BlackRock?

How likely are you to recommend the course to a friend?
I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in a career within financial markets, especially if you aren't sure which role is right for you.

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