How Milandeep landed a
full-time analyst role at Amplify after undertaking the Summer Programme

20 DEC 2019  |  Careers
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology
Why did you choose to do Amplify’s Summer Course and would you recommend to a friend?
I participated in the Summer 2019 Internship programme after an event that was held at my University from Amplify really opened my eyes to how the team perceives the financial world.

Inspired by the event, I wanted to combine my passion for financial markets and technology, so I found the Summer course was the perfect opportunity to gain some experience in the industry.

The experience from my 4 weeks was so incredible I believe every student should be doing it without a question. So much so that when someone tells me they want to work in the finance industry the Amplify summer programme is the first thing I mentioned.
Milandeep Bassi, Technology Analyst, Amplify Trading

What did you learn on the course and how did it help you land your full-time role at Amplify as a Technology Analyst and what was your biggest highlight?
During the course being able to experience the simulations and teachings from the perspective of a student combined with my technical knowledge, I was able to bring a unique perspective to the Amplify team in being someone who has experienced the course. This proves day in and out to be a key advantage to how I approach tasks as I can reflect on how business decisions may have impacted me as a student participating in the course.
The biggest highlight of the course personally was the simulations. Being able to get the first-hand experience in roles inside an investment bank really taught me where my strengths are and how to use that knowledge to improve myself and know the role, I am applying for is the right role for me.

How has the course met/exceeded your expectations?
The course far exceeded my expectations, the quality of the teaching from individuals who have all experienced the financial industry provided insight for someone looking to work in the industry that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Eddie Donmez and Dhinta Foster are two individuals that have inspired me throughout the summer to pursue my passion in finance and the engagement session they hosted really stood out to be unmatched in quality from anything I have experienced in the past.

Is there anything you didn’t expect to either be taught/gain on the programme?
What I didn’t expect during the course was to experience live market trading using a combination of technical analysis and fundamentals. Some key events I traded over the four weeks included the weekly oil inventories, release of the Chicago PMI and finally the build-up to the G20. This practice using the CQG platform was an amazing insight to understand how a proprietary firm operates on an intraday basis. Towards the end of the internship, I began exploring more advanced trading techniques such as completing crack and calendar spread trades.

How has the experience at Amplify helped with your applications?
The experience at Amplify has really helped me in understanding the skills and attributes that a firm is looking for when hiring an individual. The ability to know what my strengths are and the knowledge gained from the course has helped bolster my confidence when applying for roles. The opportunity to gain a Level 6 Diploma in Trading & Financial Market Analysis helps to cement the knowledge I gained from the course on my CV, making me stand out as a candidate.

Before I even began the course, one of the most memorable moments was how I emailed my CV and cover letter to Will De Lucy who went out of his way to help me refine the documents and provide an insight into what firms are looking for.

This proved to be critical in me securing Insight day opportunities with M&G Investments and Morgan Stanley from the feedback Will gave.

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