How to use Twitter for trading

19 DEC 2019  |  Careers
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology
I get asked all the time "who are the best people to follow on twitter".

As such, given this time of year is generally quiet in markets, I thought a useful video would be to share my experience and insights of having used Twitter over the last several years for clients from hedge funds to retail traders.

Here's an overview of the topics I cover in the video:

  • How is Twitter different to traditional news sources and what are the benefits (1:59)

  • How did Twitter came to notoriety: The AP tweet (9:09)

  • Credibility of news sources and how to verify authenticity (13:06)

  • Spotting fake news and navigating herd mentality (15:22)

  • **My process - The checklist for developing your list into a highly effective trading tool (20:38)**

  • Improving your macro fundamental knowledge about markets (31:30)

  • Understanding how Trump uses Twitter and being pro-active in preempting market sensitive information (32:23)

  • Setting up Twitter and using TweetDeck (35:34)

  • Useful resources for following US single stock news (38:01)

  • Other institutional level systems used in markets for real-time event and risk detection (39:55)

  • Members to follow from the Amplify trading team (40:59)

Feel free to leave a comment on the video and I'll do my best to respond to everyone.

I was also featured in an article on 'why traders can no longer ignore Twitter' which you may find an interesting read.


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