18th FEBRUARY 2022 / Anthony cheung

Why Russia won't invade Ukraine
& are the Fed doomed to fail

In this week's episode, I am joined by Eddie Donmez to talk about all the trending topics in markets this week.

We discuss the YTD performance for US stocks and look at what the sector performance in the S&P 500 tells us about current economic conditions and the market's confidence in the Fed being able to manage the pressure of surging inflation. 

An update on the latest news concerning Russia-Ukraine as the US President speaks with transatlantic leaders about the Russian troop buildup. 

Joe Biden has remained stern in his belief of an imminent attack all week despite increased signs of Russian diplomacy. We discuss why the US administration is taking this stance and ask the question of what really is the probability of Russia invading Ukraine?

Also discussed in the episode is news J.P. Morgan has become the first bank to enter the metaverse having opened a lounge in blockchain-based Decentraland. We look at the stats to break down the hype vs reality.

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