25th FEBRUARY 2022 / Anthony cheung

How the Nasdaq bounced 5% despite Russian troops storming Kyiv

In this week’s episode, I am joined for the first time ever by Amplify Co-Founder Will de Lucy to talk about this week’s global market volatility as well as some insights into how to become a successful founder.

We chat about:

How it is possible for the NASDAQ to rally 5% into the US close yesterday despite Russia invading Ukraine.

Reasons behind why Oil rallied 7.5% and then reversed the entire move. Why Gold spike to a multiyear high and then reversed back to below levels trading before the invasion.

How to manage risk in such extreme market volatility.

Trump’s launch of his new TRUTH – Media and Tech group and SEC open an investigation on Elon Musk and whether his brother has been insider trading.

Finally, our experiences of being founders and trying to grow a business with examples of the hard lessons we learnt along the way.

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