30th APRIL 2022 / Anthony cheung


Much to talk about this week, but Piers and I thought we would unpack what has been a busy week in US corporate earnings.

In fact, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet alone have a combined market value of about $8trl and makeup one-fifth of the weight of the S&P 500. So how they perform has a direct consequence on the US stock market and gives investors some clues on how the period ahead may unfold.

We look at each one of the tech giants in detail and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. We explain how Apple is quickly becoming a safe-haven asset and why stock buybacks are so popular for technology stocks.

Finally, we also couldn't go a full episode without at least one nod to the macro environment, so Piers gives a great breakdown of why the unexpected drop in US GDP this week is perhaps not cause for concern just yet!

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