22nd JUly 2022 / anthony cheung


An incredibly busy week, from Russia resuming critical gas flows to Europe, to one of the biggest ever tech IPO's on the London market being put on hold due to the collapse of the Boris Johnson government, there's never a dull moment in markets!

In this episode, we start with deconstructing what exactly happened at the European Central Bank meeting, where interest rates were hiked 50bps, marking the first move higher in 11 years and the biggest since the year 2000. What was said? what on earth is the TPI? what risks are there following the resignation of the Italian PM Mario Draghi? and will any of this even work?!

We then pivot to US earnings season and zone in on the latest reports from Tesla and Netflix. Although Tesla shares have risen since the release of Q2 numbers what's actually going on under the bonnet and is Elon Musk covering up what otherwise are some troubling signs? and we explain why Netflix losing nearly 1mln subscribers in just three months is actually a good thing!

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