2ND SEPTEMBER 2022 / anthony cheung


The UK economy is facing one of its toughest economic periods in history.

A looming threat of a recession, acute dependence on foreign capital, soaring debt costs, and the rising likelihood that the Bank of England’s independence will be scrutinised under the new Tory leadership have all led to the demise of the Great British Pound.

But how low will the currency go and is there a possibility of it reaching parity against the US Dollar?

In this episode, we also look at the history of currency interventions as the Japanese Yen hit a fresh 24-year low this week reigniting chatter on the likelihood that officials will intervene to support the currency and what to expect at the ECB meeting next week.

The final talking point is reserved for some stock news, as we look at why quant firms are suddenly interested in Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

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