21st October 2022 / Anthony Cheung

Liz Truss resigns & Goldman Sachs Restructures Again!

First up on the agenda this week is the resignation of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, marking the shortest premiership in British history. Find out what happens next, the implications for markets, and whether we are about to see the return of Boris!

I'm also joined by Stephen Barnett, our Head of Schools, to unpack the announcement from Goldman Sachs this week who are planning a sweeping reorganisation of the firm folding its biggest businesses into three divisions, marking one of the firm's largest-ever reshuffles. Find out the strategy behind the move and implications for Goldman's share price and internal culture.

Finally, we talk about failed IPOs and why Private equity firms are taking the 'Leverage' out of Leveraged Buyout (LBOs).


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