18th november 2022 / Anthony Cheung

Invest like Warren Buffett & the UK budget explained

In this episode, we use the latest Berkshire Hathaway 13F to understand some basic principles in managing a stock portfolio. Buffett's buy-and-hold strategy has served him well but the latest filing shows he's moved further into tech, purchasing a $4.1bn stake in the Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC. Is this a new direction for the 92-year-old Oracle from Omaha?

Elsewhere, we review the latest UK budget announcement and Piers explains why he thinks the Bank of England should stop hiking interest rates despite inflation hitting 11.1% this week.

Finally, Donald Trump has announced he will run for the US presidency in 2024, vowing "America's comeback starts right now". But first, he'll have to win the Republican Party's nomination. We look at the process and the likelihood of success.

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