TPICAP: Finding future brokers
with simulation technology

13 NOV 2018  |  Trading
In May 2018 the world's largest broker TPICAP used Amplify's technology to identify, assess and then hire 7 new brokers as a result of the simulation session.

In an effort to increase diversity Amplify were asked to identify outstanding candidates from a wide range of university events delivered all over the UK.

Those candidates were then invited down to London to take part in our Broking simulation, along with others that TPICAP wanted to assess. By July, 8 full-time roles had been offered to the candidates identified through our simulation technology . One of those, Inga Sventeckyte ( ICAP Emerging Market Eurobonds ) says:
Inga Sventeckyte

"So far, the working environment at TP ICAP has been great! I get continuous support from everybody around me, well-structured learning activities and have a development plan in place."

The Broking simulation put candidates into the seat of being a broker for a day, facilitating client orders by matching client trades. The technology measured the effectiveness of the brokers spoken and written communication, whilst also measuring their ability to execute accurately under pressure. Based on the data collected we were able to recommend the top performers who were then fast-tracked through TPICAP's hiring process.

The broking simulation can give an excellent indication of candidate ability within the role, but also give any student a practical understanding of the financial industry and the crucial role that brokers play to ensure market liquidity.
Amir Khadr - Head of Technology

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