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What can you expect from the Global Markets Academy?

Want to work in Asset Management?

This academy will give you all the tools necessary to break into and thrive in a buy-side role.

We have designed an Asset Management simulation that puts you in the seat of a fund manager managing a $20m portfolio with the objective of outperforming the benchmark.

The simulation event lets you apply the core theory delivered by Piers Curran when you start the academy, developing your practical skill-set in asset management.

These are the same simulations that we use to train the analysts at the finest financial firms such as Citadel, Amundi, M&G & Legal and General.

You will have to move in and out of live positions, allocate capital to your best investment ideas and react to breaking news to maximise your return on investment.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are looking to become a Portfolio Manager in the future - this is the first step to gain the necessary knowledge and PRACTICAL experience that will wow your interviewers.

After taking our simulations, AmplifyME candidates have gone onto secure roles at Blackrock, DE Shaw, Brookfield and JP Morgan asset management.

Is there a cost to this academy?

Yes the on-demand content and live simulation experience together are both £300.

How do I get fast-tracked?

We are the only platform that delivers practical training and simultaneously provides direct recommendations to financial institutions using your simulation performance data. Your performance data will only be shared if a) you give us permission to share it and b) if it will positively affect your application.

What prerequisite knowledge do I need to take part in this academy?

This academy is suitable for an undergraduate student from any degree discipline with an interest in finance. The thorough on-demand content in the academy will fully prepare you before the live simulation event and put you in the best position to perform well.

How many hours of content are there and how does the live simulation event work?

The on-demand content includes x number of videos which covers an amazing breath and depth of topics over x number of hours. As soon as you paid for the academy you book your place on the live Asset Management Academy simulation.

I'm also interested in the Summer Analyst Programme to find which role is best for me, can I do both?

The Asset Management academy is an excellent programme that you can START NOW. Our Summer Analyst Programme is by far the most comprehensive Amplify programme, covering topics in Investment Banking, Global Markets, Quantitative Finance & Proprietary trading as well as Asset Management. 50% of any academy fees paid are refunded when joining the Summer Analyst Programme.