Saif Ali

Heading Success of Products

About Saif

Saif Ali oversees the success of our products for university clients both nationally and internationally. With his extensive experience in financial markets since 2015, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his lectures and simulation-based training for our university and corporate clients worldwide. Saif studied engineering at university and completed Level 1 of the CFA qualification. In both instances, he recognized that while this qualification was valuable, it did little to enhance his commercial awareness compared to hands-on experience.

With this knowledge, Saif aims to inspire the next generation of students to pursue career which will excite and develop them both personally and professionally.

When he's not striving to disrupt the current educational model, Saif pursues a variety of hobbies throughout the year, including jiu-jitsu and wakeboarding. However, the highlight of each year for him is snowboarding.