News release - 7 June 2023
Amplify Trading and AmplifyME, consolidating our brands into one. 

AmplifyME, a leading global training provider of financial simulations, is thrilled to announce the relaunch of their company. Formerly known as Amplify Trading, the organization has made the strategic decision to consolidate its brands into one cohesive brand, AmplifyME.

This rebranding initiative aims to enhance customer experience, launch new products and services in the recruitment space, and solidify AmplifyME's position as a pioneering force in the EdTech industry.

The decision to unify the brands under the AmplifyME name stems from a comprehensive evaluation of the company's growth trajectory, market positioning, and customer feedback. By aligning their services, AmplifyME seeks to simplify their offerings and provide a more integrated experience to students, universities, and financial institutions worldwide.

The consolidated brand will enable the company to maximize its resources and strengthen its focus on delivering exceptional educational experiences, cutting-edge technology, and connect financial institutions with proven, diverse talent.

AmplifyME's relaunch reflects their commitment to continuous innovation and dedication to providing the highest quality learning experiences and diverse talent to their valued clients. With an unwavering passion for empowering budding finance professionals at all levels, the company has built a reputation for excellence in the financial industry.

By consolidating their brands, AmplifyME can further consolidate their expertise and resources, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the EdTech industry and early careers space.

"We are excited to announce the relaunch of AmplifyME and the consolidation of our brands into a singular entity," said Will de Lucy, CEO of AmplifyME. "This strategic decision will enable us to better serve our clients by providing a more seamless and comprehensive experience. By focusing our efforts and resources, we can enhance the value we deliver to students, educators, and financial institutions worldwide."

The relaunch of AmplifyME will be accompanied by an upgraded website and an enhanced offering in the recruitment space to connect diverse, quality talent with top roles at leading financial institutions. Additionally, the company will continue to expand its global reach, connecting with a wider student community and facilitating knowledge sharing within the finance community through their flagship podcast and newsletter: The Market Maker.

AmplifyME's relaunch marks a significant milestone in the company's evolution, positioning them for continued growth and success in the EdTech and recruitment industries. The consolidated brand will allow AmplifyME to further elevate their service offerings and solidify their standing as a trusted educator and partner.

I’m not sure about you, but when I was at school my teachers (and parents) kept telling me to read more books. But what books? And why? Although an ancient medium, the fact that they have survived suggests that there is something very important about concentrating hard and dedicating a number of hours on finishing a book.

Most books, especially those on finance and investing, are not very good. They are either too complicated, or too simplistic. Any book that promises to make you rich whilst only working four hours a week is likely not to be worth the paper it is printed on.

There are, however, a few really good and accessible books on investing that young people really should read. The below five books are some of my favourite and, when taken together, will give you an amazing overview of the investing industry and your approach to building an awesome portfolio.

This is my favourite book about money and investing. Morgan Housel is amazing at breaking down complex principles into simple maxims. These short chapters are jammed packed full of amazing finance and investing best practice – from understanding risk, through to the difference between getting money and keeping it.

My favourite advice is to ensure that your lifestyle never exceeds your income – the difference should be put into long-term investments. Buy this book now – you won’t regret it!

You might never have heard of him however John Bogle is one of the pioneers of modern investing. As the founder of Vanguard (the world’s second largest asset manager) and champion of passive investing, his influence ranks with the likes of Buffett and Munger.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is an ode to passive investing – the low cost way to track entire markets and investment themes. Bogle argues that, as a normal investor, it is very unlikely that you will consistently beat the market by investing in individual shares. Why not instead invest in the whole market using an index fund and rest easy at night!

After the Psychology of Money, the Long and the Short of It, written by leading Scottish Economist John Kay, is my second most gifted finance book. The book, designed for ‘normally intelligent people who aren’t in the industry’ is heavy on high quality explanations and low on jargon.

Kay doesn’t try to overly-simplify the complex world of investing, but instead breaks it down into descriptions and best-practice that every young investor would benefit from.

Warren Buffett has the perfect temperament for investing. He is, in his own words, lazy to the point of total inactivity. He can spend years without making an investment, ignoring hype cycles and high risk/reward investments.

Instead Buffett only invests when he is absolutely sure that a company is significantly undervalued and is positioned to increase its cashflow whilst defending its barriers to entry. Buffett is from Benjamin Graham’s school of value investing (investing based on discrepancies between share price and underlying share value) and is a must read as you seek to avoid the noise and invest only in great companies.

This book certainly isn’t for dummies! Investing in your 20s and 30s is a brilliant, no nonsense guide to the fundamental principles of investing, and how you can translate these principles into strategy and action.

This must-read book helps you feel more confident in your investment strategy by teaching you about portfolio building and diversification, investment goals, and investing in the context of social and environmental aims.

If you are worried about where to start in your investing journey my advice is to buy and read at least one of these amazing books and make sure to read the summaries/SparkNotes on the rest – and remember, the sooner you start investing, the more you can take advantage of the wonderful power of compounding!

Rachel Aspinall, Head of Marketing (r.aspinall@amplifytrading.com)

Stephen Barnett Head of Schools

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