6th APRIL 2022 / Anthony cheung


Our mission at Amplify is to disrupt the traditional way in which students get hired for the best roles in finance.

The goal is simple. The best person for the job should get hired, regardless of their background. Period.

When I think about this objective there is one company we work with that instantly comes to mind. Dare.

Ayman Rahman is the founder and CEO and trained with Amplify over 10 years ago when he was a student at UCL.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016, Ayman decided to leave a head of desk trading role and start Dare, an energy tech company using the power of data science, analytics, and trading expertise to help the world reach a renewable future, faster.

Today his company and mission continue to go from strength to strength.
Check out a recent career insight podcast episode we released in conversation with Ayman, where he shared his top 5 tips for any student looking to work in finance.

Dare have a philosophy of hiring the best person for the job, not the person who can interview best.

In fact, they only look at a candidate's CV right at the very end of the application process to eliminate any subconscious bias from their decision making.

To apply for the Graduate Trading Analyst role at Dare, all candidates must undertake a video games-based assessment and an arithmetic test.

Their team has worked with behavioural psychologists to develop a fun and interactive game that measures a candidate’s performance against some of their foremost traders.

They’ve found this method to be an effective way of assessing candidates fairly, leaving no room for any unconscious bias. Those who meet the benchmark on both assessments will be invited to the assessment centre at their London office.

The assessment centre is comprised of a workshop on trading and a pit trading test.

The former is an introductory session on Dare, derivatives and products traded; while the latter is the more exciting component of the assessment centre.

The workshop has been designed to equip candidates with a strong understanding of what the company trade and how. The current information that is available online is perhaps hard to understand or outdated, so the team aim to ensure that all candidates emerge stronger in their knowledge of the subject.

The pit trading test is designed to simulate a trading floor environment.

Those who are successful are invited to an in-person interview with Senior members of the trading team – this would be the very first time that a candidate’s CV is seen!


In November 2021, Dare ran an oil market making competition powered by the latest simulation technology at Amplify. The event was open to all students, regardless of age, degree or what university they are studying at, allowing participants to be judged purely on the basis of their performance.

One of the successful candidates was Darren Nguyen, a former Amplify Summer Analyst Programme trainee, who will be starting a trading internship with Dare this summer.

Check out an interview I had with Darren and Mithesh Duddekunta, an LSE student who made it through the entire recruitment process.

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Anthony Cheung
Director & Head of Market Analysis
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