11th FEBRUARY 2022 / Anthony cheung

Will the Fed hike 50bps
as US inflation surges

Really exciting news to announce this week, as US investment bank Morgan Stanley is now the official global sponsor of our AmplifyME Finance Accelerator.

It's been amazing to see the impact the initiative has had since launching in September and with the help of Morgan Stanley, we can now reach more individuals than ever.

I encourage anyone who has not yet taken part in the simulation to give it a go. It's open to all students from college to post-grad and you don't have to come from an economics background. The registration link can be found below.

In this episode, the main debate is on the timing of US rate hikes after US inflation hit 7.5% in January, the highest reading since 1982. Is the market right to expect a 50bps hike in March or is this just irrational exuberance.

We also touch on news that Peloton CEO John Foley is to be replaced, what next for SoftBank following the collapse of their $66bn sale of UK-based chip business Arm to Nvidia, and discuss whether Facebook's lowest ever P/E ratio means anything for investors who may be looking to buy on the cheap.

The final talking point goes to Joe Biden. The US President has upped the ante on Russia and China but why? and what does this mean for his relationship with Europe? We look at the rationale and the implications.

Register for the next Finance Accelerator at https://bit.ly/3GKcIvl
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