Priti Patel

Graduate & Talent Development Manager

BGC Group
At BGC, we were seeking to enrich the internship experience for individuals with limited exposure to the broking and trading industry. AmplifyME’s simulation training proved to be an exceptional solution in achieving this goal.

As interns and students couldn't directly use our systems or engage with clients, we aimed to provide them with hands-on experience that mirrors the real-life responsibilities of a broker. The fast-paced nature of the industry, quick decision-making, teamwork, and staying updated with news were some key aspects we wanted to emulate.

AmplifyME stood out due to its unique approach. Unlike generic trading simulations, they offered a tailored experience that focused on broking intricacies. This allowed our interns to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire trade process. The personalized reports provided by Amplify were invaluable, offering deep insights into each intern's performance.

The 'AmplifyME Market Maker Daily Newsletter' and Podcast were excellent resources for prospective interns and students. They offered them a valuable glimpse into the financial market, fostering a habit of staying informed about industry developments even before joining our team.

The benefits for our trainees were substantial. Instead of mere observation, they actively engaged in trading and broking activities, gaining a realistic perspective of these roles. The simulation also helped them assess their compatibility with the broking environment and identify their strengths and areas for improvement. The interactive sessions facilitated bonding among internship cohorts, combining learning with social engagement.

Since incorporating AmplifyME’s training, interns now possess a deeper appreciation for brokers' roles, leading to more relevant and insightful questions. Particularly for those lacking confidence, the simulation provided a safe space to participate and excel. Many interns surprised themselves with their capabilities, which significantly boosted their confidence levels.

Our experience collaborating with Amplify has been exceptional. Their accommodating, responsive, and communicative approach has made the partnership seamless. It's evident that their team is truly passionate about bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in financial market training.

AmplifyME’s simulation training has transformed our internship program, provided a holistic view of broking and trading while fostered skill development and confidence among interns.